When you know better, you do better

“When you know better, you do better,” I heard a wise woman once say. It stuck with me.

For the most part, my family has tried to shop organic when we can, avoid GMOs and eat relatively healthy foods. I thought we were doing pretty well. But the more I learned about the cleaners and other things that I’ve been bringing into our house, the more it made me pause.

Wait. So. Even the Mrs. Meyer’s soap under my kitchen sink rates a 9 (10 is the worst) on the Think Dirty app? Mayday.

There are ingredients in everyday things that we use with ingredients that are all linked to cancer, infertility, and disease. YUCK. Things like:

+ baby lotion

+ laundry soap

+ candles

+ sunscreen

+ face moisturizer

+ plug-ins

And the list goes on and on.

I knew we could do better than this. So I researched for months and months, and I finally found a company that I trust completely. They use the purest ingredients around, and that company is Young Living (+ where to buy). We are slowly replacing things each month with their products, and it just feels right.

Dish soap? Check.

Laundry soap? Check.

Household cleaners? Check.

Room by room, we’re making small changes. As we run out of a “toxic” product, we replace it with a Young Living product. Doing it this way has taken an overwhelming task and made it not-so-overwhelming. It’s actually been fun.

Now that I know better, I am trying to do better for my family. And it feels so good.

Wanna do the same? Call me, text me, email me, wave me down in Target, whatevs. We can chat, and I can break it down for you into small, easy steps. I love community and I love connecting with people. Seriously. I would LOVE to help you help your family. 

Hit me up HERE and let’s meet for coffee? Or even better, wine. Wine is ALWAYS a good choice with friends. 😉