Size Does Matter | Cincinnati Child + Baby Photography

Good morning and happy Monday, friends!  I hope the weekend was full of family time, relaxing, a good book (with coffee/wine/mimosas/iced tea), whatever brings you peace and happiness.  For us, it was playing outside and working in the yard.  Weeds pulled.  Kisses given.  Picnic enjoyed.  Flowers planted.  Bubbles blown.  Mulch spread.  Plenty of fresh air and togetherness = happy hearts and minds.

Btw, do the weeds EVER stop?  My preen must have been expired when I covered the beds with it in April (March?).  Hmmmph.

Today, I want to give you a visual to help you see that size DOES matter when it comes to ordering your prints (have your mind in the gutter much? wink).  The same goes for canvas.  Below is an example.  You’ll find it surprising, I do believe.

See what a difference a larger print can make?  The impact is substantial.

If the choice is between ordering a bunch of small prints or just ordering ONE large print to hang, I will always choose the large print.  I want you to fall in love with the art that we make together over and over, every time you see it on your wall.  Happy you = ecstatic me.