Nothing turns me into crazy mommy faster than this

I’m upstairs brushing my teeth, watching the clock. I lean over the railing. I’ve been doing the countdown.

You know. THE ONE.

Where you tell your kids 12 times that we’re leaving in 20-18-15-12-9 minutes. Or something like that.

“5 minutes until we get in the car! Please put your shoes on!”

Half of them echo back, “Okay, mom!”, and I pray that the other half is already headed that way.

I trip over a Barbie on my way back from the bathroom and then step on a lego. That’s my favorite.

“Okay guys. Here we go! Let’s head to the car!”

I get downstairs. Nobody has shoes on. 3 haven’t brushed their teeth. 2 are in their rooms with the doors shut. 1 pooped and needs their hiney wiped. NOBODY IS READY TO GET IN THE CAR.

Jesus, take the wheel.

Nothing turns me into crazy mommy faster than this.

My kids are GOOD KIDS. They really are. They’re all pleasers and rule followers. They respect authority (unless it’s their parents when it’s time to go). They’re sweet and kind and a pleasure to be around.

But they don’t listen when it’s time to go (there’s one of them that consistently does, and that is the one who’s name rhymes with Billy. And silly. BLESS HER HEART).

How often are we going places and I need them to be in the car? OH. ONLY 12 TIMES A DAY.

So, mamas, if you’re on the Struggle Bus, too. Here’s a little something for you, today.

Let’s make it our goal to send our kids out the door full of peace, alrighty? As crazy as I feel every day, I know that this is just a season, this part of my life. And when that season is over, I’ll wish it back. I’ll wish for the days when I had 4 little humans running around, pressing my every button. AND NEVER GETTING IN THE CAR ON TIME.

So. Here we go, school year 2017-2018! Godspeed, darlings. I’m rooting for us all.