You don't have to have a session in your home. But as you're considering this, I want you to remember 2 things: 1) you're hiring a professional who has been trained to find the light and see the moments that make you YOU and 2) in my 10+ years of photographing children, they are always most comfortable in their own homes. Promise.

Hear me loud and clear on this one: the size of your home and how clean it is has nothing to do with how the photos turn out. You'll see. And you'll say daaaaaang girl, how did you do that? ;) 

That's a great question. I'm so glad you asked. I'm a full service photographer, and from the first time we chat to the day that I come to help hang your art on your walls, I will lead you every step of the way. 

But more importantly, I care deeply about mamas and their hearts. I want you to realize you're worthy and you're good enough, right now, today. I want to show you how well you love your babes, even if you feel like a failure a lot of the days (I'm not the only one, right?). 

I believe at the core of my being, that one day, we mamas will long to look back and see what our life looked like and what it felt like. Our REAL life. Not our pretend life, where we put on perfect outfits and we all look at the camera and smile. I've done those photos with my family, and there's a time and a place for them. But that's not my passion.

What I'm passionate about is YOU and showing you how beautiful your every day is.

>>Let me document your family's story from behind my lens? Send me a line here, and let's get to chatting!

I'm from small town Lebanon, Ohio, which is about halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton. It's quaint, and it's lovely here. Think of me as around 15 minutes north of Kings Island, and that's about exactly right.

+ For my local clients, a travel fee applies to any session greater than 30 miles outside of zip code 45036, at the rate of 60 cents per mile, round trip.

+ For my clients outside of the area, I'm available for travel during some of the summer and fall months, so hit me up if you'd like me to come visit your area. I would love that!

Guess what? So are mine. Sometimes they're crazy and chaotic and they don't listen to a darn thing I say. And it's okay. In my 17+ years as a pediatric nurse at CCHMC, I learned how to relate to families and help them feel comfortable in different situations. However our time together goes, it's alllll good. Promise.

You will not be stressed during our time together. I repeat (in all caps because I like all caps). YOU WILL NOT BE STRESSED. Isn't that just a lovely thought?

Full service photography can mean different things to different people. Here's what it means to me: 

From our initial conversation to the day I deliver your wall art (and help you hang it!), you will see that this is a different kind of family photo experience. I love getting to know you and learning what's important to your family. We create a plan together, and then I come document that. It's as simple and as easy as that.

Once our session is finished, we will meet 2 weeks later and look at all of your finished photos. You get to look at them all printed and choose only the ones you really love. Together we'll go through them, and I can give suggestions on where to hang your photos and how to display them best. 

I believe that the best family photography experience is one where the client is walked through the entire process. And my promise to you is this: whether you're building forts, making cookies or just hanging out on the back patio, it will be an experience that you'll never forget. 

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Your session retainer serves as a non-refundable fee. I'm a mom and I understand that things happen. If you cancel more than 7 days before your session, the retainer may be transferred to a session at a future date. However, if you cancel 7 days before your session, I kindly reserve the right to retain the amount in full.

Once we chat initially and I lead you through my thoughts and questions, we'll both have a good idea about what you value and love most about your life.

Wanna play in her room and be silly under the covers? Great. Feed him breakfast in his high chair? I love documenting that. Put some music on and have a dance party in the living room? My favorite. Get your dog in the mix for a bunch of crazy hullaboo? Gah. Yes, please. Go outside with sidewalk chalk, bubbles or the sprinkler? Sign me up.

I'll guide you through the entire process. If we let the day unfold, with little to no expectations, it's like magic.


For a lot of people, it's hard being in front of the camera (me included). But here's the good news: my eye knows what angles will be the most flattering. I know where the light will hit in the right places and I go after that.

Sweet mama, you and how you are feeling is always at the forefront of my mind during my sessions. Always. And when it's all said and done? It's my mission to help you see yourself the way your kids see you. They don't care about your extra weight or your crows feet. They care about the way you hold them, the way you talk to them, they way you look at them and smile. You show them every day how much you love them. And you will see the beauty of that through my photos. 

Drop me a line at, and let's get to chatting! 

Or feel free to call or text me at 513-919-6239. I would love to hear from you.