1. I was a nurse at CCHMC for 17 years (hint: my super power happens to be making mamas and their babes feel at ease).

2. I've been married for 15 years to the sweetest man on earth. Also, he still puts toothpaste on my toothbrush for me. I know, I know. I'm totally spoiled.

3. In 2013, we moved to the country and got 6 chickens. I fell hard and fast for the ladies, so now we have 17 hens and 1 rooster, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 goats and 1 awesome miniature pig. This country living is my dream come true. For real.

4. I love Jesus more than oils and coffee (and that’s a LOT). Life experience has taught me that He is the remedy. Every day, for everything I face, He has always been the remedy. I cling to that. 

5. Many years ago, I signed up for the Flying Pig marathon, and I trained up to running 12 miles. Then I got a stress fracture, and had to cancel my big running plans. But in the fall of 2016, I ran the Queen Bee Half Marathon, so I guess I can officially call myself a runner, eh?

Well, hey there! I’m Christi.

I'm a wannabe farmer, essential oil junkie and mama to 4. I'm also a (recovering) perfectionist who inspires other moms who struggle with not feeling good enough. I believe in kindness towards self and others, even when it's hard. Also known as: sprinkled donut aficionado and lover of shiny lipgloss.

Most days, you'll find me wrangling my 4 kids while rocking a headband and messy bun. I'll be diffusing calming oils (because 4 kids) while heading to warm up my coffee for the 17th time. 

I'm a wellness educator and co-owner of the dreamiest downtown Lebanon, Ohio, health food store [a.k.a The Wellness Lounge]. People often refer to me as a gullible dreamer and a seeker of beautiful things. Obsessed with: sprinkled donuts, my pet pig (Tucker) and the color yellow.

What I'm passionate about: I love to help other mamas make simple changes that will help them move in the direction of healthier living. Whether that's using non-toxic cleaners or applying essential oils, I've realized this stuff is my jam.

Let's be friends? I would love to hear from you!