Storyteller. Wellness seeker. Picture taker.

"Do what makes you happy,

be with who makes you smile,

and laugh as much as you breathe."

- R. Nunes

Hey there! I'm Christi.

I'm a photographer, wannabe farmer, Essential Oil junkie and mama to 4.

I'm also a (recovering) perfectionist who inspires other moms who struggle with not feeling good enough. 

I believe in kindness towards self and others, even when it's hard. Also known as: sprinkled donut aficionado and lover of shiny lipgloss.

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I'm a feeler and a storyteller, so in a way, it's my space to do just that.

I write about various things, some personal, some not; some photography-related things, some not.

I also write over there to let you know that you're not alone. That you're doing things right, even when you feel like you're getting it all wrong (#preachingtomyself).

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